Husband Appreciation Day!

Today is National Husband Appreciation Day.

I can certainly get onboard celebrating such a great day.

Admittedly, I have an incredible, awesome husband. My friends tease me that I won the husband lottery when I married Captain Cavedweller. He really is such a great guy. He’s someone I can count on when I need him most. He makes me laugh every day. He’s great with my aging dad. He works hard and is loyal to the bone. And he makes my little nephews so happy.

So, today is a day to celebrate all the great husbands (Captain Cavedweller included) out there.

Here are five ideas to help make today special.

  1. Give him his favorite meal. Whether his favorite meal is something you make, or take-out, go to the effort to serve it for dinner tonight.
  2. Write him a love letter. Regardless of his level of sappiness, a note expressing your love for him and thanking him for all he does is something he will always cherish. Always. Just write a few (or several) paragraphs from your heart.
  3. Plan an adventure. The adventure could be anything from tickets to an event he’s expressed interest in attending to a drive in the mountains with a picnic lunch. Tailor the experience to what HE would enjoy the most.
  4. Give him a massage or foot rub. It’s a simple thing, but there is nothing like the touch of a loved one to make him feel connected and cared for.
  5. Give him the gift of time. Life moves far too quickly and good intentions often get lost in the day-to-day shuffle. Give him a day that is all about him. Whatever he wants to do. Just spend that time with him, remembering and appreciating all the joy, enrichment, and love he brings into your life.


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