I Am A Wife

Twenty-two years ago today, I shared vows of marriage with Captain Cavedweller.

These vows – these promises to love, honor, obey and cherish him – weren’t ones I took lightly.

In a time when it seems many people view marriage as something disposable, we made a commitment to each other we intend to honor until and with our last breath.

Lately, my thoughts have danced around what it means to me to be a wife. So here goes:

  • It means listening with an open mind.
  • It means loving unconditionally.
  • It means being willing to make sacrifices for CC – including letting him have the last gingerbread bar.
  • It means swallowing down snarky comments before they work their way from my brain out my lips because they come from a bad day or a grumpy attitude.
  • It means living in a home full of peace since both of us despise conflict.
  • It means having someone I trust completely, who can trust me, too.
  • It means laughing all the time because CC is funny and a big tease – and has a hard time being serious. And I’m okay with that.
  • It means having a big, warm, callused hand to hold mine.
  • It means a pair of broad shoulders do their best to shelter me from life’s storms and provide a place for me to rest my weary head or shed tears.
  • It means being a partner in so many aspects – from business decisions to having an accomplice in silly shenanigans.
  • It means going through each day knowing wherever CC is at- that’s where you’ll find my heart.

Life gets busy and hectic and crazy, especially this time of year. It makes me think of all the different things I am. I am a:










but one of the things that means the most to me is this: I am a wife.

Captain Cavedweller’s wife.

Some of my friends say I won the husband lottery with Captain Cavedweller. They wouldn’t be wrong.

He’s sweet and gentle, strong and funny, loving and kind, generous and caring, devoted and loyal, romantic and rugged. From the very beginning, he’s treated me like I mean the world to him and I think he knows how much he means to me.

So before I slide any further down this sappy slope, I’ll just say how blessed I am to have spent the past 22 years with Captain Cavedweller.

I love you forever and always, CC!

Your girl

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