I Remember It Well

Captain Cavedweller had a rare weekend off from work so we spent it driving all over the countryside, eating things we know we shouldn’t, moving some well loved “junk” to storage, and in general enjoying time well wasted.

Our weekend together also helped me remember a few important details about my husband.

The first jog in my memory occurred when he emerged from the bathroom the first morning of his weekend off sporting a goatee. He’s been sporting scruff on his face for a few weeks and from past experience, I’ve learned to not complain about it too much or too loudly because that just prolongs the suffering. The last thing I expected was to see his snappy goatee, which, by the way, I love.

CC is always game to go for a drive, as long as there is something interesting to see along the way. Apparently 207 miles of dirt, harvested wheat fields, rocks, more dirt, winding mountain roads with no guardrail, and one deceased porcupine did not qualify as interesting.

Also, after spending the better part of a day driving 207 miles round trip to the middle of nowhere so I can take photos of a town that no longer exists, CC just wants to be fed (and gas station food does not count.)

While he seems to have challenges remembering details like the wedding we are supposed to attend, the name of my cousin’s new baby, or what time we need to leave for an appointment, he recalled with startling detail the exact location of a new restaurant he was most interested in trying after I mentioned weeks ago it was opening.

When CC decides he is completely and totally done with a project (like moving well-loved junk), it means he is completely and totally done right now.  Not five minutes from now, not “wait, let’s just…”  – all done. Right. Now. Which turned out to be a good thing, because I was ready to be all done, too.

She Who Is Now Remembering Many Details…


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