If Tenacity had a Face


Captain Cavedweller…


Can be a bit on the stubborn side every once in a blue moon. I know this for a fact. The symptoms are fairly easy to recognize since I suffer from them myself on an all too regular basis.

But Hubby, he likes to be tenacious over the most interesting things. Like hamburgers.

I have been a bit under the weather the last few days and told him he was on his own for dinner last night. So he decided to fix himself a hamburger. This general involves firing up the barbecue, a panful of greasy bacon and an oozing slab of melted cheese.

More power to him.

Around 6 last night, he had the hamburger patties ready (you have to have two for a real manly-man burger) and went out to fire up the grill.

He attempted to get the barbecue to light with no success. Coming back in to warm up, he decided to try again.

By 7 when he still couldn’t get it to work, I suggested he find either an alternate method to cook his burgers or find something else to eat. I offered him a Saltine cracker and, can you believe this, he point-blank refused.

At 7:05 things were looking hopeful, so he popped a handful of fries in the oven and took the burgers outside then turned around and came back.The light went out while he was playing the the fries.

At 7:20 he came back in, half -frozen and muttering darkly about plugged lines, wind and stupid grills.

At 7:30 he ate his fries and then resumed his attempts at getting the barbecue to light.

At 8:30 there was once again hope and he rushed out with the patties.

At 9 p.m. he sat and ate the burger despite the fact he no longer wanted it and was about ready to call it a night.

Yep, if tenacity had a face, it would like just like Captain Cavedweller.

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