Illuminating the Kitchen

A few weeks back, I had the brilliant idea to replace the lighting fixtures in our kitchen and hallway.

It seemed simple enough. Captain Cavedweller has installed lights before. No big deal.

So he started working on the first one, wires began to crumble and panic set in (on my part, not so much his). For three days I had a gaping hole in my kitchen ceiling where he had removed the ancient light fixture and the new one waited to be installed. That’s how long it took to get an electrician to come.

When he finally arrived, I was about ready to fall at his feet and offer him bonbons. After several hours, he had installed new wires, wired in the boxes for the new lights and updated two electrical outlets and a switch for me. Then Captain Cavedweller began the fun project of sheetrocking, texturing and painting.

Have you ever tried to cook a meal amidst sheetrock dust, tools, wire caps and did I mention sheetrock dust? Not the easiest thing to do, or the most fun.

I have convinced myself it was all worth it because now I have three lovely new lights installed that I love. At least I think I love them. It was discovered, by the bright illumination in corners of my kitchen previous left in the shadowed darkness, that my housekeeping has, perhaps, been somewhat lacking of late.  Maybe. A little bit.

But those dust bunnies and cobwebs have never had such a lovely light turned on them before!

She Who Needs to Hire a Housekeeper



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