Ilsa Book Launch and Chatting with the Girls of Pendleton Petticoats

Ilsa-facebook-headerToday is the day!

Ilsa’s launch party  starts this morning at 10 a.m. and runs until 2 p.m. (Pacific Time).  Even if you can only pop in for a few minutes, come get in on the fun. All drawings will run until 2 p.m. so you have plenty of opportunity to try to win some exciting freebies.

Eight guest authors will join me throughout the party, sharing about their writing and there will be even more cool prizes!

I’m also super excited to announce that  Aundy is available FREE on Kindle today through April 13. If you already have a copy, make sure you tell your friends. What could be better than getting a free book that a friend recommends?

The three featured women from the Pendleton Petticoats series thought it would be fun to stop by and chat.

Without further ado…


I found this photo on Pinterest and it made me think of Aundy, Caterina and Ilsa!
I found this photo on Pinterest and it made me think of Aundy, Caterina and Ilsa!

Good morning, ladies! Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

Aundy: It’s our pleasure to be here.

Caterina: It is a big, important day with Miss Ilsa’s party.

Ilsa: Thank you for extending such a lovely invitation.


What is your favorite part of living in the Pendleton area?

Aundy: Our ranch, Nash’s Folly. Growing up in Chicago, I never knew the sky could be so big or the sunsets so spectacular. It truly is beautiful here in Eastern Oregon in the spring. Right now everything is fresh and green.

Caterina: She’s right. It is beautiful here in the springtime, but my favorite thing about the area is…

Ilsa: (Interrupts) Her handsome husband, Deputy Kade Rawlings. Even his name sounds handsome.

Caterina: (Rolls her eyes at Ilsa) I was going to say the people. Pendleton is full of friendly, welcoming people who make you feel right at home. And before Ilsa states otherwise, her favorite thing about being here is seeing my good-looking brother on a regular basis.

Ilsa: I was not going to say Tony! (Huffs indignantly) Returning to the question, I would have to say I also appreciate the people. The sunsets are lovely, but I prefer to stay in town.

Aundy: (Giggles) Far away from the chickens.


What’s one thing you miss from a big city?

Caterina: Nothing! I spent all my life in New York City, growing up around the mafia, and the only thing I miss from there is the rest of my family. Although Tony, he’s my favorite brother you know, is here, I have four brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, my parents, and Uncle Laz back in New York. Kade promised to take me to visit them soon.

Aundy: I don’t miss anything from my life in Chicago. I got up early each morning and worked in the boarding house where I lived until I left for a long shift at a factory that made ready-to-wear-clothing, then I returned to the boarding house each evening to work until bedtime. Here, I get to be outside, right alongside my husband, Garrett, learning about ranching and farming and rural life. It’s wonderful.

Ilsa: If you like that sort of thing, which my sister does. I think the one thing I miss from Chicago is the lack of dust. Even living here in town, it seems like we get a lot of dust blowing around. I’m not much of an outdoorsy kind of girl, but I much prefer the dust to living with our aunt.


All three of you have very unique talents. What would you say is  your strong point?

(Caterina and Ilsa both look at Aundy)

Caterina: She’s braver than both of us put together.

Ilsa: Absolutely. Aundy faces challenges  without showing any fear.

Aundy: That’s not true! You both are very brave and strong. Caterina can cook circles around me. Did you know she runs her own restaurant here in town? Her food truly makes your mouth water. And Ilsa (Aundy puts an arm around her shoulders and gives her a hug) designs and creates the most beautiful fashions.


Speaking of dresses, I noticed you all have such lovely gowns. Is there anything you find challenging about fashions in the early 1900s?

Aundy: The clothes are lovely to look at but not very practical when you’re trying to work. I, for one, would love to be able to wear denim pants and cotton shirts like the men.

Ilsa: (Gasps in surprise) You wouldn’t dare! No lady would be seen traipsing around dressed like that.

Caterina: She didn’t say she was going to wear pants, she just said she’d like to. I agree with Aundy. When Kade makes me help outside at our place, it would sure be handy to not have skirts and petticoats in the way. Since we are ladies, though, we’ll continue wearing our skirts and dresses.


Ilsa’s book launch is today. I know all three of you are in the story. Can you give the readers a little hint about what to expect in the book?

 Caterina: (Gives Ilsa a sassy smile) It’s about Ilsa and Tony, that’s my brother. I think she likes him more than she lets on.

Aundy:  (Nods her head in agreement) I caught her writing Tony’s name over and over in one of Nik’s school notebooks when she was supposed to be making a list of supplies we needed to take to Mr. Johnson, our grocer.

Ilsa: Let’s stick to the important details about the book.

Aundy: We were. What’s more important than love?

Ilsa: (Sighs) Fine. I can’t win with you two, but the story is also about family and friendship and overcoming your fears.


It sounds like a great story. Any parting words you’d like to share.

Caterina: Don’t miss out on the party. There’s going to be oodles of prizes.

Aundy: And chocolate. I heard there will be a chocolate giveaway.

Ilsa: And books. Don’t forget there will be free books up for grabs. Remember, you can get Aundy’s story free for a limited time. It’s the first book in the series, followed by Caterina’s story.


Thank you ladies for joining us.

Ilsa coverIf you haven’t purchased your copy of Ilsa yet, hurry over to Amazon and get it today!

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