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Ilsa cover

I realized I haven’t shared the visuals I used when I was writing Ilsa, so without further ado, here are a few!

Ilsa (Britt Robertson)Let’s start with Ilsa.

In my head, Britt Robertson makes the perfect Ilsa. From her blue eyes and blond hair to that sweet smile. She’s just how I picture Ilsa.

Ilsa 4And while she may start out timid and frightened, she finds her strength and courage.

Tony  1 (william levy)The very handsome William Levy makes a wonderful Tony Campanelli.

Tony 2Not only does he fit Tony’s description, I just can’t get over those eyes.

Caterina 2

We met Caterina (Mila Kunis), Tony’s sister, previously.

Alan Ritchson

As well as her husband, Kade Rawlings (Alan Ritchson).

Aundy 2

Jennifer Morrison is my ideal Aundy, Ilsa’s sister.

Josh Turner

While Josh Turner is just how I picture Garrett Nash, Aundy’s husband.

jonathan-Rhys-Meyers- (Delmond)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is my choice for the nasty Delmon Bertrand.

Helen Mirren as Aunt Louisa

I thought Helen Mirren made a smashing Aunt Louisa.

bracelet common victorian jewelry

Other visuals I used included this Victorian bracelet that is special to Ilsa. Dayton's store 1900s

A display from a store window in the early 1900s.

songbirds by Hautman Brothers (wallpaper border)

And these birds gave me the idea for Tony’s nickname for Ilsa.


I looked through many, many photos of wheat harvest and consulted with an expert (my dad) to get the details just right.

ruth coyoteThe University of Oregon has a wonderful collection of photos taken on the Umatilla Reservation¬† by Maj. Moorhouse around the time of Ilsa’s story. This particular photo gave me the idea for adding in the character of Rebecca.

Ice Wagon, Pratt Farm

And, of course, Tony’s ice wagon.

For more images, pop over to Ilsa’s board on Pinterest. I add more images as I find them!


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