In the Loco Weed


Drooley, aka The Heinous Cat,  has been off adventuring again.

Only instead of coming home with pieces of his ear missing as he usually does, he came home limping.

The good news is, nothing is broken. The bad news is that whatever he did has caused him to go temporarily insane. Even worse than usual.

I’m telling you the little fuzzy dude has been nibbling loco weed.

Drooley has several places he likes to laze around our yard. Behind the lilac bush, in the chair by the front door and sprawled across my petunias are three of his favorites.

Since he came home injured, he has taken to hiding in the most obscure places, like burrowing into my lamb’s ear bushes, crawling under a pallet and climbing on top of the patio table. All that activity is strange, to say the very least. But the thing that has let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has lost his marbles is the fact that he let Miss Maizy, aka The Interloper, get close to him and rub her head on him. A previously unheard of event that normally ends with him swatting her so hard she either falls over and runs away.

I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again, but this cat is just one odd little duck.

She Who Will Never Understand This Cat

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