It Happened at the Fair

it happened at the fair

I freely admit I’m a big fan of Deeanne Gist. I have yet to read anything she’s written that wasn’t entertaining, engaging and fun.

It Happened at the Fair did not disappoint.

Set at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, the story highlights Cullen McNamara and his efforts to line up buyers for his invention at the event. Cullen is losing his hearing and the noise in the Machinery Hall, where his booth is located, prevents him from doing business. Taking the advice of a friend, he turns to a teacher of the deaf, begging her to tutor him in the art of lip-reading.

Della Wentworth is reluctant to spend her free time at the fair tutoring a grown man, one who is decidedly handsome and piques her interest.

The give and take between these two is fun and fast-paced. What made this book so interesting, though, was the way the author weaved in fascinating details about the Chicago World’s Fair through the story. You can almost see, feel, taste and smell what the characters experienced.

On top of that, Gist sprinkled photos and drawings from the fair throughout the book.

If you love history, romance and an entertaining read, this book has all three!

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