Jelly Bean Centerpiece

Sorry for my lack of detailed photos today. I could give you 17 excuses why I don’t have any, but we’ll just go with the fact that it has been a bit of a crazy week so far.

Today, I wanted to share with you a fun and simple idea for Easter entertaining.

If you have no talent for arranging flowers or want something different as a centerpiece, find three or five wide mouth jars or vases (you can use however many you like, but keep the number odd).

Put a glass votive holder in each vase and put an unscented votive candle inside. Pour jelly beans all ready the votive holder, right up to its edge. Spread this out down your table or group together in the center. Use a strong fruity or spicy flavor of jelly beans. When you light the candle and the votive warms, the scent of the candy will fill the room. I don’t know about you, but some fun candy scents definitely make me think of Easter and baskets filled with goodies!

You could also use a large, flat shaped bowl and place in several votives then fill with jellybeans. This could also work with a hurricane vase and a larger candle.

Have fun with this and see how simple and fun entertaining at home can be!

She Who Needs to Find Some Jelly Beans

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