Joy Lessons Week 11


The other day I unwrapped one of my favorite dark chocolate treats and inside the wrapper it said, “Joy is contagious.”

Taken aback by this little nugget of wisdom inside my decadent candy, I stared at it for a few minutes, just thinking about how true that is.

While some people will say misery loves company, what really loves company is joy! When we are filled with joy and happiness, for the most part, we want to share that with others, to brighten their day, to give them a little piece of our inner sunshine.

I just love that thought that joy is contagious.

Contagious is defined as: tending to spread from person to person.

So… what if we each make it a point to spread a little joy this week. How many people can you infect with joy?

I’d love it if we all gave it a try. You can even come back here next week and share your results if you like.

Here’s to a week filled with contagious joy!



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