Joy Lessons Week 28


Happy people.

What a better place the world is because of them.

We’ve all heard the suggestions to surround ourselves with happy, positive people. That isn’t hollow advice but sage wisdom.

Happy people are awesome.

That’s not to say they don’t have dark moments, but for the most part, happy people choose to let the let shine in and through them.

Happy people might seem rather Pollyanna-ish to the outsider looking in, but I think they are incredibly strong and absolutely amazing. It takes a lot of work and conscious thought to stay dialed in to happiness.

I’m learning, slowly it seems, to spend less and less time with the gloomy, negative, negative-Nellie type people and more around people who make me laugh, bring a smile to my face, and fill my heart with joy – those fantastic happy people.

Life’s too short to waste our precious moments with people who bring a big basket full of crazy, emotional drama with them wherever they go. All their efforts to bring others down to their level of misery doesn’t do anyone any good.

Focus on the happy people.

Even better, focus on being one of those happy people. That’s my goal for the day.

Maybe this song from Little Big Town, which I love, can get you off to a good start.

Happy People.


May you be one today.


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