Joy Lessons Week 29


Lil’ Miss and I were chatting the other day and somehow the topic turned to people not being true to themselves because of the way other people see them or wanting to fit in with a certain group.

I encouraged her to be true to herself.

That’s the only way I know for any of us to be truly happy – to enjoy, embrace, celebrate, and cherish our own uniqueness. That’s when we know the joy loving ourselves brings.

Do I always follow my own advice? Sadly, no. But I’m getting there, one day at a time.

When I find myself trying to be something other than what is truly me, what fits with who I am, I’m not happy and I realize the reason is because I’m trying to conform to something that isn’t me.

Never, ever be afraid to be yourself. The people who don’t accept you who you are aren’t worth your time. And those who do certainly are.

Here’s to a day filled with joy, embracing your unique, wonderful, completely awesome self. May it bring you a heart full of joy.

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