Joy Lessons Week 31


Recently, I’ve had conversations with not one but two people who are completely and totally obsessed with how they look.  While speaking to them, it became abundantly clear they judge everyone by their outward appearance.

And that made me sad.

Especially for young people, I know it’s hard when the world is saying you have to look like this or that to be accepted.

But people are so much more than clothes and hairstyles and makeup.

They have beautiful hearts, souls, and minds.

Some of the loveliest people I know don’t wear a speck of makeup, but they are beautiful. Their beauty comes from within and shines outward in a way no cosmetic manufacturer or fashion designer can reproduce. True beauty, the kind that really matters, comes from the heart.

And I love this quote because it’s true. Those who let the joy in their hearts shine in their faces are uniquely, wonderfully, undeniably beautiful.

For today, I hope you wear the joy in your heart where all can see it – in your eyes and in your smile. Shine on!

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