Joy Lessons Week 32


I love, love this quote!

It makes me think of Mary Kay Ash and her philosophy of making everyone feel like they matter.

My Aunt L. sold Mary Kay Cosmetics for years and years. As I teen, I so admired her, for so many reasons. She was lovely, gracious, smart, and successful… and had the pink Cadillac to prove it.

I’ve often thought about what made her so successful and I think it was because she lived by the quote above. She made everybody feel like somebody. Somebody who mattered. Somebody who was important. Somebody she saw.

In this busy, chaotic, hectic, crazy world, it’s so easy to feel invisible, to feel like we sometimes fade into the background where we are no one.

That’s why it’s so important to make each person who encounter feel like they matter. Because you know what happens when we do? It fills us up with joy and satisfaction and happiness. And it makes those people who feel like nobody full of joy, too.

My challenge to you (and I’ll be doing my best, too), is to make at least one person feel like “somebody” today.

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