Joy Lessons Week 41


The past few days have left me full of emotions (of all sorts), and deeply grateful for the wonderful people who bring me such joy.

The Fall Into Romance boxed set released Thursday with a technical glitch that caused twenty-four hours of intense, horrible, every-authors-nightmare kind of headaches.

Before the issue was completely resolved, I jumped in the car with Captain Cavedweller so we could head out for my auntie’s 85th birthday party. I’m so glad we’d already planned to attend her celebration because I needed that time away from my computer to regroup, find some peace, and let my well of joy replenish.

We had such fun at the party, seeing family members we don’t often get to see. After the party, a few of the cousins went back to my auntie’s house where we got to see the gorgeous engagement ring my awesome cousin Brad (the birthday girl’s son) recently gave his girlfriend (whom we all adore). What a fun way to wrap up that day and the engagement was my auntie’s favorite gift!

My birthday was yesterday and so, so many people made me feel special, loved, appreciated and remembered. And I appreciate each one of you!

My little cup of joy is overflowing this morning and I’m determined to  do my best to keep it filled.

May this week fill your well of joy and your heart with happiness!

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