Joy Lessons Week 43


It seems ingrained in our human nature to look at or for all the things that are wrong in our lives or the world. Isn’t it easy to tally a list of things that could be better, that you wish were different?

But what about all the things that are right? All the things that make us smile? Fill us with gratitude?

What if we focused on all those things first?

It’s not always easy to do that, I know. (Believe me, I know!) But it is possible.

There’s a hymn we sink at church and the ending of one verse is “our vision change.”

Learning to focus on all the good and joyful things is as simple and as hard as that. When we change our inner vision, we can change everything.

By focusing on all that is good in our lives (in our world), we can see more good, and more good. The more good we see, the more joy that swells in us.

I hope this week, you can take a moment to appreciate the good things around you and be filled with joy. I’m sure going to give it my best.

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