Joy Lessons Week 45



There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of one constant in life we can count on is that everything is always changing.

I’ve been thinking so much about changes recently, how we deal with it, accept it, embrace it, find joy in it.

Things around here have changed a lot the past several weeks. In addition to me traveling quite a bit, our Lil’ Miss has spread her wings and moved into an apartment with a friend. The two girls are having a fabulous time together, but I sure miss Lil’ Miss being here. But change is part of growing and inevitably it has to happen.

When I saw this quote this morning, it just seemed so perfect.

Nothing we do can change the past… not a single thing.

Likewise, all our anxiety and worry and fear about the future won’t change it. (This one, I struggle with… I come from a long line of worriers and it’s hard to let go of the doubts and just trust that all will be well. But then I remind myself that 99 percent of the things I fear are never going to happen, and it helps me let go.) Trust that the future will be exactly as it should and regardless of what happens, you’ll have the strength and wisdom required for each new day.

I love the last part of the quote… any amount of grateful joy can change the present. We have the awesome power to CHOOSE joy at any given moment. And when we make that choice, it changes everything at that moment.

No matter what changes you face today or this week, I hope you can face them with joy in your heart. I know I’m sure going to try!

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