Joy Lessons Week 46


I’ve been doing a 30-day Joy Challenge. On Saturday, the challenge for the day was to laugh. A lot.

That proved to be a very simple thing to do, particularly because I spent the day with Captain Cavedweller. That man… he makes me laugh so.

But I’ve been thinking about laughter and joy… joy and laughter.

Then I happened upon this quote. I love it.

The body heals with play.

When was the last time you played? Did something frivolous or indulgent or amazing… something just for fun. It’s wonderful when we allow ourselves (give ourselves permission) to just play. Whether it’s for an hour or a day, we all need time to play, to have fun, to relax and let go.

The mind heals with laughter.

If heavy thoughts are weighing you down, or you’re pondering big questions, or feel overwhelmed and burdened, one of the best things in the world you can do is to laugh.  I’m not talking a fake little laugh, either. I’m talking a genuine, from the heart kind of laugh. (The kind that might make you snort milk out your nose if you were 12 and back with your friends in the junior high cafeteria.) It is almost impossible not to feel those burdens lift and the weight fall away when you are laughing. There are any number of scientific studies about the benefits of laughter. I believe them because I know when my heart is heavy, a little laughter goes a long way toward making me feel better. And it can make others feel better, too!

The spirit heals with joy.

I’ve found through the years that the more joy I bring into my life (even in the tiny seemingly most insignificant ways), the lighter I feel. And I think that’s because when our spirits are full of joy, they feel whole and healed and content. It isn’t an easy thing to focus on choosing joy each day… ah, but there it is! Joy is a choice. One we can make at any time. Even in the midst of a horrible meeting, a heated argument, a calamity or small or major proportions, we can still choose joy.

And for today, that’s what I’m choosing. A little play, a little laughter, a little joy. May it be the perfect combination to see you through a beautiful day!

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