Joy Lessons Week 5


Something rather unpleasant, extremely frustrating, and more than a little unsettling happened last week.

And, being me, it’s hard not to mull over what happened, to think about ways I may have handled things differently — better.

The following day, Captain Cavedweller and I had plans to go do something fun we’d been looking forward to for a while.

He knew what had happened and that I was still upset, but assured me in his calm, upbeat way that everything would be fine.

So rather than ruin a perfectly lovely outing with my guy, I decided to choose joy. To let it flow through me and fill up those spaces formerly occupied with worry and anxiety. After I did, we both had a great time.

There are days when choosing joy seems like such an easy thing to do. And there are other days, when we might feel beaten down or unsettled or unhappy, when choosing joy is really hard.

But it sure is worth it.


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