Joy Lessons Week 51


The above quote is so true and today it seems even more so. Today, Captain Cavedweller and I are celebrating 24 years of marriage.

On a bitterly cold December day, I opened the door to greet a blind date arranged by (of all people)my dad. Little did I know as I swung open the portal that I’d look up into a pair of amazing blue eyes and lose my heart in that instant.

But I did.

From that moment on, my heart belonged to Captain Cavedweller. And a year later, we wed.

It seems like just yesterday we rushed outside the church, eager to begin our life together instead of almost a quarter of a century ago. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

This morning, I’ve been reflecting on how much happiness my wonderful husband has brought into my life over the years. How much joy I’ve known by loving him and being loved by him.

The well of joy bubbling up in my heart seems full to overflowing. And I wish for you all the joy of loving and being loved – whether it’s from a significant other, a family member, or a friend. May love fill your heart with joy today and every day to come.

our wedding 1

And to Captain Cavedweller – thank you for loving me so long and so well, and giving me so many years full of laughter, joy, and love! Happy Anniversary! <3

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