Keepin’ An Eye Out

When we went to The Farm for the weekend, I took along my new camera. (That would be the one that makes me smile deliriously every time I get to use it.)

Anyway, I took a few hundred photos of all sorts of farm-related things like barnwood, animals, tractors and even some little people who like devouring candy like it was, well, candy.

And they all looked at me like I needed watching. I kid you not.

It started with this big burly fellow. He kept giving me the eye and I decided to let him be. I’m pretty sure he ate the plywood that is missing and the iron bars were next on his menu.

I wandered over to the pasture where the baby calves were frolicking and enjoying the sunshine. These two stopped jumping around long enough for me to grab a quick shot. They weren’t too keen on the camera or me.

My time spent admiring the bovine babies came to an abrupt halt when this Mama decided I was trouble with a capital T. You go ahead and convince her I came in peace and meant no harm. As for me, I’ll be on the other side of the fence quietly moseying on.

Even the horses weren’t convinced I was not intent on disrupting their blissful rural existence. It took two tries and a flake of hay along with coaxing by my nephew to get them to stand still long enough to snap this photo.

My buddy Pete knows I can be trusted. He has to keep his eye on some of the other characters, but not me. I scratch his ears, rub his back and tell him he is a good boy. He, in turn, rubs against my legs until he nearly knocks me down.

And this kiddo – she keeps her eye on me to make sure I’m watching her antics, not hiding any presents or pilfering her chocolate. Like her auntie, she has a thing for candy. I kind of like her… whole heaps and bunches.

She Who Has Been Watched

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