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Those of you searching for the QR Code Killer on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or other e-reader sites… I’m sorry. The only place you can get it is on Amazon.

I haven’t gone crazy or lost the few remaining marbles rolling around in my head. I promise.

I’m all about experimenting, trying something new and seeing what works through trial and error.

So QR Code Killer is a stand alone book (not part of a series), I decided to enroll it in Amazon’s new KDP Select program. Kindle Direct Publishing Select is a program Amazon rolled out at the end of last year. It basically gives writers an opportunity to gain two things:

1. More exposure

2. More money

I’m all for both of those two particular items.

Enrolling a book in the program means that for at least 90 days, Kindle is the only place your book will be distributed (print copies are allowed). Through the program, members of Amazon Prime can borrow the book for free.

So how does making a book available for free increase the profits for the book. Amazon has put up a fund that is split between participating books based on number of days in the program and number of times the book is borrowed. You still have the books available for sale, you just have the opportunity to make a little extra on the books that are borrowed.

The program also provides the opportunity to offer your book for free for five days during the 90 day period. I love this idea because of the exposure it generates. So you lose out on sales for five days, but you gain the kind of exposure you couldn’t possibly buy. I’m more than okay with the trade off.

At the end of this 90-day period, I’ll let you know how this experiment went.

In the meantime, those who don’t have a Kindle but still a copy of the book, print copies should be available by the end of the month!

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