Lars and Marnie

I just shipped Marnie (Pendleton Petticoats Book 4) off to the proofreaders this morning, so I thought it might be fun to give you a look at the two main characters.

Here’s where I got my visual inspiration for  Marnie Jones and Lars Thorsen.

WARNING – If super-cute, unbelievably hunky guys make you drool on your keyboard, you may want to get a rag before you scroll down to meet Lars.

marnieIn my humble opinion, Ruth Wilson is the perfect Marnie.

THE LONE RANGERShe’s lovely with that rosy-hued skin and long brown hair.

marnie 3Yet she has that haunted look that Marnie knows all too well.

marnie3Everything about Ruth just seemed right for Marnie’s character.

Lars Thorsen 2Derek Theler is my choice for Lars Thorsen.

Derek ThelerOther than the obvious good looks and beautiful blue eyes…

Derek Theler3There’s that smirk…

Lars 3And smile…

Derek Theler 2Did I mention good-looking already?

Lars3Um… what was I saying?

LarsIt’s so easy to get distracted.

derek with baby 2Oh, yes, I remember now. Derek plays “Uncle Danny” on the show Baby Daddy. The way he interacts with the baby just does me in.

derek with baby 1Especially when the two of them seem so comfortable with each other.


Stay tuned, for more from Marnie in the coming weeks!

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