Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you woke up this morning and suddenly realized today is Christmas Eve and you’ve not started your shopping, here are a few last minute gift ideas.

gift-cardGo for a gift card to their favorite store. Don’t know their favorite store? Try one to a nice restaurant, to the movie theater, where they buy coffee or get their hair done.


Bottle of beverage. If they don’t drink alcohol, go for a nice bottle of sparkling cider (emphasis on nice – do not buy the $3 bottle of stuff, get a bottle of real sparkling cider). If they hate cider, put together a basket with mugs, hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.

basket of fruitsPut together a basket of their favorites foods – are they into jerky? Love fine chocolates? Healthy eater who likes fruit?

Single green book

If they like to read, get them a book by their favorite author – or a similar author. If you don’t know what types of books they like to read, get a gift certificate to a book store or a retail outlet like Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Make up a booklet of coupons redeemable for fun items like a free coffee, an hour of house cleaning, etc.

If you know their hobbies, go to a locally owned store and purchase something that goes along with it. For example, if they love to knit, go to the local yarn shop and buy some of the latest yarns.

Good luck with your last minute flurry of gift buying!

She Who Is Glad to be Done Shopping!

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