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When I published Learnin’ The Ropes at the end of June, I really expected the sales for this particular title to take off.

Only they haven’t.

The story line is fun with a city-boy mechanic, a raised-in-the-country girl who takes over her dad’s ranch, a ginormous dog with an overactive sense of humor, and a colorful cast of supporting characters.

I can and will say that it is my  best written book to date. Oh, I love the Grass Valley Cowboys series and all their characters, but I still think this book is better.

Everyone who has read it and shares their opinion has told me how much they loved the story, how fun it was to read.

So why, then, the sluggish sales?

I’ve decided to do a little experimenting.

While I think the original cover is accurately describes what is going on in the book, I’m beginning to think others might not see it as a cover that says “fun book inside.”

If you were browsing through a million book choices online, is there really anything about the cover that says “buy me?”

Not so much.

So, I’ve spent quite a bit of time the last few weeks reflecting on what might spark some interest in the book because despite the fact they shouldn’t, most readers do judge a book by the cover.

Here is what I’ve decided to go with for the time being to see if it makes any impact in the sales.

I’ll keep you posted!

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