Learnin’ The Ropes – cover update

Captain Cavedweller is a very generous guy. He’s willing to share anything he has with me, including his germs.

Two weeks ago, he brought home the nastiest stomach flu I think I’ve ever experienced. Instead of lasting 24-hours, it hung on for days and days.

While I was down and out, I knew better than to try and work on anything that involved writing. Too many brain cells ceased to function the moment I took ill.

Instead, I decided to work on a cover redesign I’ve been wanting to do for more than a year.

Learnin’ the Ropes is one of my favorite stories that I’ve written. If you haven’t read the book yet, it’s about an out of work mechanic who grows so desperate to find a job, he accepts a position on a remote ranch. Ty is a city boy so everything he encounters on the ranch comes as a surprise to him, including his beautiful boss, Lexi. He thought she was a man and their first encounter really throws him for a loop. Oh, and there’s a dog – a really big dog, named Baby.

This was one of the early books I wrote when I was just getting started.

cover shot

This was the original cover of the book. Don’t laugh too hard when you see it. About five minutes after I published the book, I realized the cover wasn’t going to cut it.

Learnin the Ropes cover 09-12

Eventually, I updated to this cover. It was better, but still not quite there.

Before I began revamping it a third time, I asked CC for his opinions, gathered an assortment of image ideas, and tried to come up with something that really represented the story.

Learnin' the Ropes 1-16

Maybe the third time is a charm.

What do you think?

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