Learnin’ The Ropes teaser

I sent my latest romance off to my fantastic proofreaders last week.

While they are trying to make sense of my ramblings, I thought I’d share the book teaser I wrote and placed at the end of  The Cowboy’s Summer Love.

If all goes according to plan, Learnin’ The Ropes will be available for purchase (both digitally and in print) toward the end of June!

Learnin’ The Ropes  – Out of work mechanic Ty Lewis is homeless and desperate to find work. Answering a classified ad for a job in Harney County, Oregon, Ty accepts when he is offered the position. Saying goodbye to his sister and his life in Portland, he heads off to the tiny community of Riley to begin a new adventure, unsure about his boss Lex Ryan, a man he has yet to speak with or meet.

Lexi Ryan, known to her ranch hands and neighbors as Lex Jr., leaves a successful career in Portland to keep the Rockin’ R Ranch running smoothly after the untimely death of her father. It doesn’t take long to discover her father did a lot of crazy things during the last few months of his battle with cancer, like hiding half a million dollars that Lexi can’t find.

Ty and Lexi are both in for a multitude of surprises as he arrives at the Rockin’ R Ranch and begins learnin’ the ropes.

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