Learnin’ The Ropes


A hunky mechanic, cowboys, a sassy ranch owner and a prankster dog round out the cast of my latest romance novel, Learnin’ The Ropes.

Here’s the scoop:

Out of work mechanic Ty Lewis is homeless and desperate to find work. Answering a classified ad for a job in Harney County, Oregon, Ty accepts when he is offered the position. Saying goodbye to his sister and his life in Portland, he heads off to the tiny community of Riley to begin a new adventure, unsure about his boss Lex Ryan, a man he has yet to speak with or meet.

Lexi Ryan, known to her ranch hands and neighbors as Lex Jr., leaves a successful career in Portland to keep the Rockin’ R Ranch running smoothly after the untimely death of her father. It doesn’t take long to discover her father did a lot of crazy things during the last few months of his battle with brain cancer, including hiding half a million dollars that Lexi can’t find.

Ty and Lexi are both in for a multitude of surprises as he arrives at the Rockin’ R Ranch and begins learnin’ the ropes.”

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from the book:

“I thought you said you’re starving,” Lexi whispered, not quite sure what Ty was thinking.

“I am,” Ty said, his voice dropping in pitch as he held her tightly to his chest. “Starving for you. Famished for your kisses. Hungry for your arms around me. Dying to taste every little bit of you.”


“I haven’t been sulking,” Ty said. “And I can’t date you anymore.”

“Why not? Do you find me that disgusting? Unappealing? Annoying? What is it about me that’s driving you away?” Lexi yelled, slapping at Ty’s chest. She’d been down this road with men before. Eventually something turned them away from her, usually her heritage, although she wouldn’t expect that from Ty. “What, Ty? Just tell me!”

“Nothing, babe,” Ty said, gathering her into his arms and giving in to his desire to kiss her, just one more time. He devoured her lips, drank deeply from the honeyed sweetness that was all Lexi, and felt drunk from the experience. Finally breaking the contact, he put a hand to the back of her head and pulled her against his chest, holding her close. “There isn’t a single thing about you that I don’t find appealing. You drive me wild, Lexi Jo Ryan. Every laugh, every smile, every toss of your raven hair, every swing of that perfect posterior, every touch from your hand, and definitely every kiss. You make me forget anything else exists.”


 So much for her theory that after one kiss, they’d realize they weren’t really attracted to one another. Thinking one kiss from Ty would quench her thirst for him was like expecting an eyedropper full of water to put out a rampaging wildfire.
You can find the book both in paperback or digitally at Amazon, or digitally in all the usual likely locations like Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. And check out the book trailer video on You Tube for a little added fun!



Barnes & Noble


You Tube


The book is $2.99 for digital downloads, $12.99 for paperback and, as always, is clean fiction!


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