Lessons Learned

This adventure into writing and self-publishing has not been without road blocks, stumbling blocks and many challenges.

Researching, talking to published authors, seeking advice and wisdom has been very helpful. But sometimes the best way for me to learn is through the school of hard knocks.

Captain Cavedweller and I were chatting on the drive into work about all the mistakes I’ve made since I endeavored to become a published author last year.

“What mistakes?” he asked.

I rattled off a list of things I consider mistakes and blunders.

He looked at me and squeezed my hand. “Those aren’t mistakes, that’s a learning curve,” he said.

I decided I liked the sound of “learning curve” much¬† better than mistakes. And he’s right. None of my “mistakes” has killed by book sales, devastated my career or thrown me off track.

As CC so aptly put it, that learning curve helped me discover what to do better the next time.

So the lesson learned I’ll share today is this: I should have had a book ready to publish the week after Christmas. With the number of ereaders that were given as Christmas presents, coupled with people having vacation time and looking for a good book to read, it would have been extremely wise to have a fresh book out there for people to download.

From a marketing standpoint, it makes perfect sense.

From the standpoint of my life is a bit crazy and hectic as I balance a full-time job, writing, blogging and family obligations – it didn’t exactly work for me to make that happen. So instead of a new book debuting the week after Christmas, mine will debut a month later.

Is this life altering? Probably not.

Would it have helped my sales to publish the book a month earlier? Quite probably.

So my lesson learned from this is to make sure I have a new book ready to roll out right after the holidays.

Lesson definitely learned.

And the side lesson is one I already knew… I can count on Captain Cavedweller to give me a different perspective and not let me take myself too seriously. He’s good that way. It’s why I keep him around.

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