Linen Inventory

Now is a fantastic time to take stock of what table linens you have and what you might need for holiday entertaining.

Does your tablecloth need pressed? Are there stains that need removed? Do you need to replace it with a new cloth?

If you fall into that last category, there are a lot of great choices for affordable prices. This one is from Bed, Bath  & Beyond.

Another fun idea would be to purchase a plain white or cream flat sheet and have markers scattered across the table. Ask your guests to write a message, sign their name or draw a picture.  That would most definitely be a keepsake for years to come.

Think about what table or tables you will be using. Do you need tablecloths for side tables or card tables? Do you have plenty of napkins, dish towels and pot holders. Take stock of what you’ve got, replenish as needed now and be prepared for your upcoming company.

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