Little Britches and Ralph Moody Books

When I was in the seventh grade, our teacher made us read Little Britches by Ralph Moody.

I’m ever so glad she did. It quickly become one of my favorite books and I could hardly contain my excitement when I found out there were more books in the series, one of which my Grandpa had. I got to borrow his book, Man of the Family, which was next in the series. From there I was hooked.

Ralph Moody weaves a fantastic tale that is personal and involved.  The books in this series will make you laugh, cry, hug your family close and count your blessings.

Growing up, Ralph didn’t have an easy life, but he had a good one. You discover the dynamics of a boy, his father, his siblings, his mother, their neighbors and friends. Having grown up a farm, I can relate in so many ways to the experiences Ralph had as a child.

I wish more people today  knew about this wonderful series, because it really does teach kids some valuable lessons. One I have remembered all these years later is “Slow and steady goes far in a day.”  I don’t always follow that advice, but it is true.

If you haven’t read his books before, check out Little Britches.  Once you get started, I bet you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

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