Living a Beautiful Life

I’ve been sharing about some new goals I have for 2024.

One is to SAVOR every moment.

Another is to be more adventurous with my search for new recipes.

This week, I’m sharing about my goal to live beautifully.

I’m feeling inspired to just add more beauty to the every day and maybe elevate the special days a little more than I’ve done in past years.

My mindset isn’t about added expense, just using what I have, or taking notice of the things around me, to incorporate a little more beauty, grace, and joy to each day.


I found a used copy of this book by Alexandra Stoddard called Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty, and Joy to Every Day of Your Life. 

I’m only a chapter into it, but from the title, it sounds exactly like what I’m looking for!  It looks like you can find it on Amazon new in both hardback and paperback, or they have some used copies too!

I’ll keep you posted on how this project goes.

What’s one thing you are hoping to add to your “every day” this year?

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