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Thanks to Gail Pallotta for inviting me to join in the Looking in the Window Blog Hop. Last week, Gail shared about her new release Mountain of Love and Danger, a re-telling of the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk.
The Christmas Calamity Cover
As part of the blog hop, I get to answer questions about my new release, The Christmas Calamity, which will be out next week!
What is the name of your character? Is he/ she fictional or historic?Arlan Guthry and Alexandra Janowski are fictional characters in the historic holiday romance The Christmas Calamity, book three in the Hardman Holidays series.

When and where is the story set?

The story takes place in Hardman, Oregon in 1896.

What should we know about him/ her?

Arlan works as an assistant at the Hardman Bank. He’s held the job since he finished school and takes it quite seriously. In fact, Arlan takes a lot of things quite serious. Studious, upright, solemn and kind, he has created a place for himself in the community as a person other can count on.  Alexandra (Alex) is a traveling magician Arlan happens upon when her wagon breaks down outside of town. While she waits for the repairs on her wagon, she takes a temporary job as schoolteacher. Despite his head telling him to stay far away from the mysterious, entrancing prestidigitator, Arlan can’t keep his distance.

What is the main conflict? What messes up his / her life?

Arlan is somewhat committed to courting the regular schoolteacher who leaves town due to a family emergency with plans to return after Christmas. The moment he meets Alex, though, he can think of little else beyond her.

What is the personal goal of the character?

Arlan wants a wife, but is determined that Alex is beyond his reach. Alex, on the other hand, is smitten with Arlan, but plans to continue on her way to California as soon as school lets out for the holidays.

Can we read more about this novel, or can you tell us more about it?

The Christmas Calamity officially releases Nov. 13, but you can preorder your kindle copy now for just $1.99. The price will increase after it releases. Paperbacks will also be available!

Here’s a little peek at Arlan’s thoughts upon first seeing her:

As he bent to inspect the damage, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen walked around the end of the wagon with an abundance of black hair flowing in waves around her shoulders and down her back.

An elaborately embellished waistcoat and topcoat in a rich shade of peacock blue topped the black trousers she wore tucked inside knee-high leather boots.

Unsettled by the sight of a woman in pants, Arlan didn’t know if he should be more disturbed by the feather-bedecked top hat in her left hand or the large mallet in her right.

Abruptly standing, he swiped the hat from his head and gave her a nod before looking behind her, expecting an enraged husband to appear.

A subtle inspection of her face didn’t reveal a handprint as he expected from the resounding smack he’d heard on the other side of the hill. Instead, it left him entranced with her intriguing hazel eyes, rimmed by thick, black eyelashes.

To continue the blog hop, I nominate Kayla Dawn Thomas.

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