Lost in the Maze

The weather in our little corner of the world has been gorgeous the past several days.

Perhaps that is what inspired Captain Cavedweller to kidnap me.

As in abducted…

As in forced to go…

As in dragging me off kicking and screaming (minus the kicking and screaming part)…

to the Corn Maze.

corn maze

You can see our shadows in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo. This was before one of us decided we were going to spend the rest of our natural born days stuck in the maze.

Despite my reservations about going, we went on a lovely weekend afternoon, before it was dark and the maze turns into a scary, terrorizing place to be.

We started out ambling along, enjoy the warm sunshine on our backs and the opportunity to wander through the crisp and crunchy corn stalks. Mister no-sense-of-direction led the charge which meant we backtracked approximately 14 times, arrived at six dead-ends and walked in a circle twice.

While the weather was perfect, after an hour, one member of our party of two was ready to be all done and see something besides dirt and cornstalks. Thankfully, by this point, we were close to the exit and managed to make our way back to civilization (interpret as the concession stand).

After that adventure, CC decided to go for a drive in the mountains and I have to tell you, it was beautiful. Between the dapples of light filtering through the trees and the brilliant jewel-tones of the changing leaves, our little jaunt was absolutely splendid. So was the ice cream CC fed me when we made it back to town.

So the point of my blathering this morning is that sometimes it’s a good thing to get lost in a maze and stare at the blue sky or wander down a lesser-traveled road to take in the beauty around us.

It clears the cobwebs from our minds and fires our souls.

She Who Loves Autumn

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