Love and Roses

When I got home last night, I was greeted by these lovely roses.

Captain Cavedweller bought them for me because he was proud of something I accomplished this week. And because he loves me. And because he knows I love roses.

Those of you who know CC, know he does not look like your standard rose-giving guy (whatever that looks like). He’s one of those strong, silent types who would rather watch from the sidelines than be the center of attention.

Which is what makes little gifts, like the beautiful roses last night, extra special. It is because he isn’t a mushy, gushy share-your-feelings kind of guy that makes things like this so sweet and so appreciated. He could easily say “Hey, good job!” But he made that extra effort to make the well-done have more meaning for me.

I write romance novels. Having been a life-long hopeless romantic, I could come up with ideas and inspiration from nothing more than my imagination. But it’s a lot more fun and meaningful when that inspiration comes from my very own romance story.

One that just gets sweeter all the time.

She Who Loves CC

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