Love Letters in the Wind

I bought this book the other day for two reasons: 1. I thought the description sounded interesting and 2. The author’s name intrigued me and I wanted to experience her writing style.

For those of you raising a curious eyebrow, the cover did NOT influence my purchasing decision. Quite the opposite for someone who prefers to read historical inspirational romances. But Love Letters in the Wind by Pinkie Paranya turned out to be a very nice surprise.

Casey Nichols is fresh from a divorce with an abusive husband and trying to take care of her small son who has health issues. She finds herself on a ranch where she’d supposed to work for the reclusive Matthew Tyree, who has vowed to never love again.

Sharing her heart’s pain in poems that she sticks inside tumbleweeds and tosses into the wind, it doesn’t take Matthew long to figure out Casey is writing them.

A nice love story that is well-written, the author did a great job of telling the story. If you’re looking for a easy-to-read PG love story, this would definitely fit the bill.

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