Lucille Ball Moments

There have been times in my life when I have done things that could only be described as Lucille Ball-esque.

I’d like to say those moments have been few and far between, but unfortunately that would be stretching the truth a bit.

I seem to have a knack for doing the most ridiculous things, which down the road (way, way down the road) are funny. Not so much when I’m right in the middle of a Lucy-like fiasco.

Like the time I used heavy-weight fishing line as a makeshift clothes line. My white sheets fluttering in the breeze were absolutely picture perfect right until my line snapped and the sheets ended up in the dirt.

Like the time I was rolling paint on the ceiling and rather than get a step stool, I kept stretching and pushing on the roller which caused said roller to break and land on my head.

Like the time…. oh, you get the idea.

Saturday was one of those moments when I frightened a woman and her two little boys at the laundromat because:

1. My washer went berserk on me right when I needed it to be in top performing mode

2. I had a basket full of sopping wet clothes that needed to go all the way through the wash cycle along with four other loads

3. I had 142 other things I needed to be doing besides hanging out at the laundry mat

4. I was one quarter short of having enough change to get the laundry all done

5. It made perfect sense to me to trade a crisp dollar bill for one must-have-it-or-I-will-die-quarter so I could do the last load of laundry

6. I really need to learn to speak Spanish if I expect to communicate with people who don’t speak English, especially when I want a quarter.

Yep. It was a total Lucille Ball moment.

But the good thing from all this is that it gives me inspiration for crazy characters in my stories. Loads of material, in fact.


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