Maid To Match

Deeanne Gist is one of my favorite authors. She has a clever way of writing that endears her characters to the reader right off the bat. Her books are funny, charming, thoughtful and tender.

The first book I read of Gist’s was one that stirred up a bit of controversy due to the content versus the market placement. Courting Trouble was a fabulous read and one I continue to highly recommend. Then again, I’m apt to recommend all of her books. They are just a fun way to escape reality and immerse yourself in a good story.

Maid to Match is another wonderful example of her talent as a writer.

Tillie Reese¬† works at the Biltmore Estate as a housemaid but has her heart set on becoming lady’s maid to Mrs. Biltmore. Mack Danver is a mountain man who has no interest in hob-nobbing with the socialites he associates with the Biltmore. His main concern is reuniting his brothers and sister, farmed out to other families and an orphanage after the death of his parents. When Mrs. Biltmore discovers her footman Earl has a twin brother, Mack, she decides she wants a matched set of footman. In need of the funds to help get his sister out of the poorly run orphanage, Mack reluctantly takes the job and in so doing, turns Tillie’s world upside down.

She is every bit as stubborn as Mack and in the end, they both realize they have to let go of their pride if they are going to have a happy future.

The story is rich in historical detail, gives an interesting glimpse into the lives of the servants and draws you right into the story so closely you feel like you are actually there watching the drama unfold.

If you enjoy a clean romance, like I do, check this out.





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