A few weeks ago, the Heinous Cat was having one of his usual meltdowns in the backyard. While I tend to ignore them, Hubby went to see what particular blade of grass or tree leaf had set his world off kilter this time.

Only it wasn’t  a thing throwing him into a tailspin. It was a her.

This her, as a matter of fact.

The Heinous Cat didn’t like her trying to horn in on the sweet deal he’s got going with Captain Cavedweller. He spluttered, hissed, and fussed.  He slapped and whined then begged us to make her go away. So she left, indignant and half-terrified of the crazed ball of fur chasing her out of the yard.

In the days that followed her first visit, she’d pop by occasionally, clean out the Heinous Cat’s food bowl and go on her merry way.

We’ve had our share of stray cats wander through our place through the years. Some stay for a day or two, some take up permanent residence. I am convinced there is a sign in the driveway, visible only to felines that states, “Complimentary Room and Board, just purr and look cute for a free ride.”

So far, it seems to be working.

The Heinous Cat tried to convince us of her evil intentions to take over the place, boot us out of the house and run an illegal catnip ring. We didn’t believe him. Apparently, she didn’t either.

Why do you keep this joker around,” she asked.

So she decided to stay and prove him wrong. Knowing we couldn’t keep calling her the yellow cat, I dubbed her Maizy.

And she is delightful – friendly, sweet, and warm… a complete opposite of the Heinous Cat.  Her one goal in life, or so it seems, is to be readily available should anyone decide to come outside and pet her.

And if no one comes outside, that is okay, too.

Her nose pressed to the kitchen window glass is good enough for her.

Never having been a huge cat fan, Maizy may change my opinion.

She Who Has Gone Soft for A Feline

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