Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us and there are so many ways you can make the day special for your mom.

Begin her day with a breakfast that makes her feel like a queen. Take her out to a favorite restaurant or stay home and make her something decadent, like chocolate stuffed French toast.

If Mom’s idea of a perfect day is sleeping in and awakening to her favorite coffee, make it happen. Load the kids in the car, let her sleep, then return with a coffee from her favorite coffee place.

Think about what Mom would most enjoy. Is it a picnic? Dinner at a nice restaurant, a backyard barbecue? Tailor the day to what would bring her the most joy.

If you are hosting a Mother’s Day get together for family, think about what you can do to make all the mothers (or special women in your life) feel loved and appreciated in your home. 

Have a door greeter (a child or two would be great at the job) who hands every Mom a single stem flower as they walk in the door. These can be flowers from the florist or fresh cut from your garden. Have the flowers in a basket with individual water tubes on each stem to keep them fresh. Water tubes are available in craft stores or from a florist.

If you are serving a sit-down meal, have something special for each Mom at her place setting. It can be something as simple as a tiny box with one decadent truffle or a piece of her favorite candy. You could have an individual flower or votive floating in a small bowl. Even a poem hand-written or photocopied on nice card stock would be appreciated.

To truly touch her heart, spend a few minutes writing down the reasons you appreciate her. Put it on nice card stock or in an inexpensive frame. This will definitely be a keepsake and probably much more appreciated than other gifts you could buy.

And don’t forget those who may not be mothers, but have a mother’s heart. If you have a special aunt, sister, cousin, or friend who goes out of her way to make you or your little ones feel special, make sure you show your appreciation to them as well.

Think with your heart and I know you’ll be able to give your Mom a special memory she’ll always treasure.

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