Man Candles

Sliced BaconI received a catalog in the mail the other day that made me actually burst out laughing.

On the cover was a selection of candles in “man” scents like “Riding Mower,” “First Down,” and, my favorite, “Mmm, Bacon!”

The inside of the catalog had several pages you could scratch-and-sniff, including all their Man Candle pages.

With names like “Man Town” and “Midsummer’s Night” (which, by the way, stinks like High Karate after shave), I couldn’t keep this to myself.

I showed the catalog to Captain Cavedweller who took a sniff or two, turned up his nose and said I should throw the catalog out before it stunk up the whole house.

Packing it to work with me, I took an informal survey of my coworkers (both male and female) and the results came back pretty much the same as CC’s reaction.

One single guy said if he was buying a candle, it would be something a girl would like to impress her, not something that smelled like a bacon.

If you like the smell of fresh cut grass, the Riding Mower candle isn’t bad, but if you’re looking for a great father’s day gift, I’d cross man candles off your potential list.

She Who Will Not Be Purchasing any Man Candles

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