I just heard about a new social media site called Manteresting.

It’s like Pinterest, except for guys.

Instead of pins, they have nails.

Instead of boards, they have workbenches.

When you share a nail, you bump it.

How manly is that?

From what I can tell, the tagline for the site is Interesting. Man. Things.

A few minutes browsing the nails, shows it is in fact stuff men are interested in. Like cars, building projects, movies, jokes, sports, pretty girls.

There are also how-tos like how to properly tie a tie and what type of sunglasses to choose for your face shape.

There are also some things that I loved.

rules of a gentleman

Like these Rules of a Gentleman.

I may have, in fact, liked it so much that I pinned it to my Pinterest Board for Captain Cavedweller.

If you have a man in your life who thinks Pinterest is silly or for girls, tell him to wander on over to Manteresting. I bet he’ll find a thing or two to enjoy there.

As for me, I might have to keep my eye on this site because it gives a writer a whole lot of ideas and insight into men in general.

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