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Marnie Cover

I thought I’d share some of the visuals I used while writing Marnie.

And, while you’re looking at the visuals, if you want to turn on your speakers, listen to the song that I listened to while I was writing Lars and Marnie’s story. It just seemed so appropriate for them…



Meet Lars and Marnie

THE LONE RANGERIf you missed my post a few weeks ago, I knew from the moment I first saw Ruth Wilson she was my Marnie. Not only is she lovely, she has that wounded by life but overcoming anyway look I imagined Marnie wearing.

Lars Thorsen 2Derek Theler is my choice for Lars. He’s handsome, tall, strong, and did I mention handsome?

Johnny SequoyahJohnny Sequoyah is my choice for the sassy Sadie Webster. She’s a cutie, but again, has a look about her that says life has not been easy.


Noah Lomax, with his tousled hair, freckles, and fun-loving spark in his eyes was my inspiration for Noah Webster. I could so clearly picture him doing all the things Noah did in the story.

From the other books in the series, we’ve already met the rest of the main characters including:

Josh Turner
Josh Turner as Garrett Nash
Jennifer Morrison as Aundy
Jennifer Morrison as Aundy Nash
Mila Kunis as Caterina
Mila Kunis as Caterina Campanelli
Alan Ritchson as Kade Rawlings
Alan Ritchson as Kade Rawlings
Britt Robertson as Ilsa Thorsen
Britt Robertson as Ilsa Thorsen


William Levy as Tony Campanelli
William Levy as Tony Campanelli

A few other visuals I used included:

Marshall badge


Wyatt Earp Stetson

Film Noir. Art vintage hunting backgrounds with old film added t

For even more visuals, hop over to Marnie’s Pinterest Page. There are fun things there like old Fig Newton ads, a vintage high chair and more!

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