Max Brenner Chocolate

One afternoon while we were in Las Vegas, Captain Cavedweller and I were desperate for a snack. Breakfast had long ago been walked off and dinner was still hours away and we’d somehow managed to skip lunch.

We ended up at a table in Max Brenner’s in The Forum Shops.

CC was a little wary about ordering anything. It was not his type of place, for sure. I talked him into splitting something with me and we finally agreed on a Banana Split Waffle.

This was not a breakfast waffle, let me assure you. This was a pearl sugar chocolate waffle.

It was a plate full of warm bliss, topped with flambéd bananas, whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate covered Rice Krispies, caramel and chocolate sauce.


Yours truly was in heaven.

CC, who is not a big sweet eater, ate more than his half. In fact, he decided we had to go back one evening and share another one before we left town.  He is a very wise man, you know.

While we were there the second time, I ordered a cup of hot chocolate. I kid you not – it was the BEST cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever had. It was the Italian milk chocolate hot chocolate, but my gracious it was delicious.

They serve all sorts of munchies and goodies there. You can sit at the chocolate bar and order specialty drinks. You can also look into a vat of chocolate or shop in the gift shop.

If you ever have the opportunity to experience Max Brenner Chocolate – don’t blink, don’t think, just prepare yourself for an unbelievably wonderful chocolate experience!

She Who Wants Another Waffle

25 days 2011

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