Meal Planning with Betty C

As you know from yesterday’s post, this week I’m sharing tidbits of trivia from a wonderful Betty Crocker cookbook I inherited from my Grandma.

One of the sections of the book I loved was on meal planning. It offers meal planning tips for just about every event you could think of. I was especially fond of the “Once in a Lifetime Parties” section on this page.

How many of us skip that whole step of meal planning, except for special occasions? Look at the hands out there! I do not stand alone!

Oh, I can plan meals when I want to. The problem is too often I don’t. I might plan the main dish and then throw together whatever I can find at the last minute. How much more flavorful and meaningful would mealtime be if I spent some time planning the meals? I’m guessing a whole bunch.

When I do take time to plan the meals, things come together so nicely, flavors compliment each other and all is right in the world.

If you are looking for some inspiration to get you started, check out cookbooks you may already own. A lot of good cookbooks will have a section on meal planning. Or go online.

Betty Crocker’s website has a wealth of great information. If you go here, you’ll find ideas for double-duty dinners! Check it out!

Happy Cooking and Happy Entertaining!

She is is planning her next meal!

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