Meet Braxton Douglas

Dacey Cover 1

Just a few more days until  Dacey  releases as part of the American Mail-Order Brides project.

I thought today you might like to meet the man Dacey travels to North Carolina to wed.

Only he doesn’t know she’s coming…

You see, Braxton has a meddling, well-meaning mother he takes matters into her own hands and sends for a bride.

Anyway, without further ado, I’d like to introduce Braxton Douglas of Bramble Hall.

Wouter PeelenWhen I came across this photo of Wouter Peelen (he’s a professional model – can you tell?), I knew I’d found the perfect Braxton Douglas.

Wouter Peelen 3Braxton is a fine southern gentleman with a huge, kind heart – and absolutely no interest in taking a wife.

Wouter Peelen 2

He and Dacey share a love of horses. In fact, she’s riding one of his horses without permission the very moment that he meets her.

I’m so excited to share Dacey  with all of you on Monday!

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