Meet Dally and Nik

Dally 3

Would you like to meet the characters from Dally?

Way back, when I first wrote Aundy, a photo of a young, ragged boy was my inspiration for Nikola Zorian Gandiaga, a shepherd later adopted by Aundy and Garrett Nash.


Since then, both the character in my story, and the young man in the photo have grown up.

Nik 5

Meet Logan Lerman, my inspiration for Nik.

Image result for logan lerman

Logan has a wonderfully expressive face, like I imagined Nik would have.


And a somewhat devilish smile.

Image result for logan lerman

And such beautiful eyes (just pretend they are brown for the story).

Nik 1

It was easy to picture Dally losing her heart to him.

Around the time I was writing Aundy, I happened upon a photo of an actress and knew she would be perfect for the character of Dally. I’d already picked out the name and planned for her to be Nik’s true love. Originally, I thought she’d be the only child of a rancher from Pendleton who didn’t know the first thing about being a lady.

But then I wrote Dacey and the idea of having her daughter be Dally stuck. How fun would it be for a daughter just like her to return to the ranch in Pendleton and fall in love with Nik.

Dally 2

Meet my ideal of Dally – Summer Naomi Smart.

Dally 3

I love that wild, curly auburn hair. (So perfect for Dally.)

Dally 3

The dimples are what really sold me (and the fact she’s just beautiful!)

And there you have the inspiration for Nik and Dally!

You can find many more images of what inspired me while I was writing the story on Pinterest.

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