Meet Emery from Summer Creek

Today, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to the heroine of Catching the Cowboy, the first book in the Summer Creek series.

Emery Brighton has spent her whole life pampered and spoiled. Her father, James Brighton, is a self-made billionaire. Her mother is a former southern belle. And her uncle is a powerful judge.  Although she’s intelligent, witty, and has a great sense of humor, Emery has spent the time since she graduated with a master’s degree in business aimlessly hanging out with her so-called friends. She shops, takes trips, and goes out to brunch, which is exactly what leads to the trouble that lands her in Summer Creek.

I won’t divulge any spoilers, but you get the idea. Not once, in Emery’s entire existence, has she ever had to use her common sense, wash a dish, or do anything she didn’t want to do.

Now, she’s in Summer Creek, a town so small the closest thing to Starbucks is a diner that hasn’t changed it’s decor since President Eisenhower was in office. Emery not only has to find her common sense, but use it. She has to get her hands dirty, apply herself to tasks she doesn’t enjoy, and step outside of the indulged life she’s always known.

In the process, Emery learns a lot about herself, about the people she loves, the community, and about the man who captures her heart.

When I first began thinking about Emery, about what she might look like, I knew she had to be blond and beautiful.

The moment I saw a photo of Kaitlin Doubleday, I knew she was perfect for Emery. She has that polished look I knew Emery would have – and she’s just lovely.

As I began developing Emery’s character, writing about the changes that take place, it was fun to find photos of Kaitlin to help inspire my story.

I could just envision Emery slowly morphing from the sleek city girl into something different – someone different.

Someone who catches not only the cowboy’s attention, but also his heart.


Don’t miss out on Emery and Hud’s story. Order your copy today for just $1.99.

It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple!

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5 Responses

  1. A new series! Emery sounds like she will be in for a surprise! Do we get to hear about Hud? He might be part of the surprise Emery is in for?
    Do you get as excited about your books first day as we do when we finally get to read them?

  2. I’m so so excited for this new series. You have me so intrigued. Love you, my sweet, sweet, dear friend. 🥰❤️

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