Memory Lane

If you ask me why, I couldn’t give you any good reason I’m feeling particularly nostalgic today.

But I am.

And then I ran across this photo and it made it worse.

My brother Kim is dressed up and ready to go somewhere (if  I have my facts straight, it was his high school graduation.) My brother Doug got stuck holding me and my sister Shelley looks happy for whatever adventure lies ahead.

I love this photo for a variety of reasons.

• It is one of the few photos in existence that shows me with my three siblings. Doug married a year later and started his own family.

• I was cute then (I outgrew that stage pretty quickly).

• My two brothers aren’t paying any attention to the camera because they are both looking at me like I might spontaneously combust at any given moment.

• My sister and I are both looking at someone. That someone probably being my mom who was obviously doing a good job of making me smile.

• When I tell people I was an accidental afterthought to my parents’ first three kids, this clearly illustrates my point. Not everyone brings home a newborn when you already have three kids  who are 19. 17 and 14.

• You have to love the 1970s processing that makes Doug and Kim look like Oompa Loompas while Shelley looks ghost-like.

Sometimes, taking a little walk down memory lane is a good thing.

She Who Loves Old Family Photos

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